"To collect, preserve, interpret and display the artifacts and history of the information age"

 History: "Why a computer museum in Montana?"

     The museum opened in 1990 in Bozeman, Montana as a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization. Originally it was planned for Princeton, New Jersey. The founders, George & Barbara Keremedjiev moved to Bozeman in 1988 to raise their two children, Helen and Mark - in the splendors of Montana's natural beauty. After analyzing the tourism in the area - the decision was made to open the museum in Bozeman.

     Located in beautiful Montana, the museum attracts thousands of visitors from throughout the world. With Yellowstone National Park to the south and Glacier National Park to the northwest, the museum has drawn tourists from over 35 countries, all U.S.A. states and all Canadian Provinces. It is an ideal family destination.

Technology becomes easier to understand and accept when one learns about its origins in the natural process of human development.

Exhibits: Our focus is the presentation of the fundamentals of modern computer based technology with extensive displays showcasing the history of the information age while also offering in-depth displays for those who are serious technophiles. From its inception, the American Computer Museum has emphasized the evolution of the information age by showcasing the contributions made by specific persons to the rise of this technology. While over 1,000 artifacts are on display, each area of the museum highlights the human aspects of the invention process. From Thomas Edison to Grace Hopper to Steve Wozniak - scores of men and women who contributed to the rise of the information age are prominently honored and recognized for their contributions. Your smart phone, iPod, watch, microwave, car, ATM bank machine, CD player, kitchen clock, DVD player, GPS, - laptop, all of these appliances and many more have tiny silicon computing devices that process and store information. By traveling through our museum's timeline you will grasp the exciting 20,000+ years of history of this information age.

     The American Computer Museum has been written about in numerous publications including, The New York Times, The New Yorker Magazine,The Los Angeles TimesPC WeekQST MagazineUSA Today, etc. and has been featured on television including the C-Span network.



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